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2021-02-23 15:10   来源: 中国硅谷网

Confucian tianyi boutique recommended --- Guangdong Province to make guangxu Yuanbao Shuanglong life coins.

币重37.1g 直径4.4cm


One view is that the silver coin was made in the thirty-first year of Guangxu (1905) to commemorate the birthday of the Queen of Cixi. Holding this view can be zhang Yubo as a representative, he wrote in the "Guangdong Province made two silver coins" in the article: "But this product because of the undisciplined years, it is difficult to break, but look at its pattern, the harmonic life, surrounded by the son, the curtain without English, meaning praise, the big abnormal system." Thus pushed, become one of the commemorative coins, specially cast to wish the Queen Cixi 70 million people also. Another view is that this coin was the coin of the Guangdong Mint for thirty years (1904). This view is represented by Jiang Zhongchuan (opinion is shown in his "China Gold, Silver and Nickel Chart"). Others believe that it is the Guangdong Mint trial coin, not a commemorative coin, when Guangxu twenty years (1894) was introduced by the Ministry of Households to "one or two standards". Therefore, the specific casting of this coin, still an unexplained mystery. Regardless of the historical facts, the unique position of "Guangdong Guangxu Yuanbao" silver coin in the silver coin of China's modern official casting mechanism is unquestionable, and its rareness and high collection value are recognized by the quan community.


This coin has a distinctive feature, the coin face on each side of a bat pattern, the meaning of auspicious. Because, the bat's "manta" word and the happy "fu" word pronunciation is the same, and the bat pattern cast on the coin face, the "manta ray", "fu" two words of the harmonic. It will be with the back of the "life" word corresponding to the meaning, it constitutes a "Fushou double-full" meaning. Because of the above two types of version of the life word Shuanglong coin, Guangdong Province, the guangxu Yuanbao Shou word Shuanglong Kuping heavy two is not easy to use in circulation, so the casting amount is extremely rare, and the real heavy kuping seven money two coins for the prevailing round-shaped circulation of coins, its casting and the amount of survival are greater than one or two coins.


The front bead circle is full of Chinese "Guangxu Yuanbao" four words, the ring outside the ring "Made in Guangdong Province", the lower ring book currency "KuPing heavy two", the left and right sides of the bat pattern, take the "manta", "fu" two words of harmonic. The back bead circle cast a round "shou" word, the bead ring outside the cast double dragon play bead pattern. The coin is all Of China's Longyang pattern silver yuan (including all the silver coins issued abroad), exquisite workmanship, perfect carving, a strong sense of embossed varieties, mirror flat smooth, patterned line of the same thing appears very clear, especially Guangdong seven-money series silver coin casting exquisite, word mouth, texture and side teeth deep, is a foreign casting style. As a currency ready to circulate (although there is no circulation), its secret anti-counterfeiting is rare after the absence of no one, unrivalled, the surface of the coin is mellow, even the silver dollar did not study the outsider is also love, very ornamental.

广东省造光绪元宝寿字双龙币有两种版式,即库平重一两币和库平七钱二币,两种版式的钱币设计风格一样,但是在细节上有很多区别。本品为库平重一两币的版式,由于广东省当时铸造此币的目的是奉献清廷以祝慈禧太后万寿,所以铸额不大,大多奉献给清廷或赠于当时的达官显贵,见于民间流通的很少。 广东省造光绪元宝双龙寿字币,是中国银币二十珍之一,其设计之精美,铸制之精湛,文化底藴制之深厚,在中国机制银币发展史上占有极为重要的地位。龙华夏文明上下五千年,历史文化源远流长。每一个历史发展的阶段都是我们国家成长的足迹,银元也正是这历史银河中组成的重要部分。就其特定的历史时期也使它在钱币史上占据着重要的地位,它不仅代表着近代中国的货币文化,反映了我国近代历史、经济,金融的兴衰和沧桑,具有很高的艺术观赏价值和文物价值。

Guangdong Province, the guangxu YuanBaobao word Shuanglong coin has two types of layout, that is, Kuping heavy one or two coins and Kuping seven money two coins, the two types of coin design style is the same, but there are many differences in detail. This product is the layout of One or two coins, because Guangdong Province at that time minted this coin is to dedicate the Qing Dynasty to wish the Queen Of Cixi longevity, so the casting amount is not large, mostly dedicated to the Qing Dynasty or given to the then official son of high, see in the folk circulation of very few. Guangdong Province, The Guangxu Yuanbao Shuanglong Shou Coin, is one of the twenty treasures of Chinese silver coins, its exquisite design, exquisite casting, the depth of the cultural bottom 藴 system, in the history of the development of China's mechanism silver coin occupies a very important position. Long Huaxia civilization up and down five thousand years, the history and culture has a long history. Each stage of historical development is the footprint of our country's growth, and the silver dollar is an important part of this historical galaxy. Its specific historical period also makes it occupy an important position in the history of coins, which not only represents the monetary culture of modern China, reflects the modern history, economy, the rise and fall of finance and vicissitudes, and has a high value of artistic ornamental and cultural relics.